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-Overhauling Decades of Light Emitting Diode (LED) Display Technology-

Since the invention of the first light-emitting diode (LED) over a century ago, solid-state lighting technology has since become ubiquitous, from home and commercial lighting, to various display technologies. MicroLEDs (LEDs < 100 μm), are the sought-after Holy Grail of the display industry due to their improved energy efficiency, faster response time, and higher pixel density, which lend to superior display resolution and performance compared to the MiniLED (LEDs >100 μm) technology of the past few decades. Moreover, the current manufacturing practice of selectively placing millions of tiny RGB LEDs is an extremely challenging and cost-prohibitive process.

As a new startup, we have developed a series of innovations that revolutionize microLED technology, from material growth to device fabrication and assembly. These novel approaches are based on our core technology: the polychromatic RGB microLED. Our polychromatic LED is a revolutionary device which replaces the century-old monochromatic LED, and promises to solve several key issues with decade-old microLED display technology.

At Q-Pixel we aim to overcome the obstacle of high fabrication costs and to dramatically streamline the LED display assembly processes. Our objective is not only to significantly reduce the cost, but also to minimize the number of defective pixels and maximize assembly speed for high-yield, high-throughput, foldable large area (>100 inch) microLED displays. Notably, our technology is also entirely transferrable to smaller displays, such as mobile phones, tablets, personal computers, and wearable devices (Smartwatches/AR/VR).

Please wait and see what Q-Pixel can do for the display industry!



-Inventor of Polychromatic MicroLEDs and Fabless MicroLED Display Innovator--

Q-Pixel consists of serial entrepreneurs with proven track records as well as a multidisciplinary technical team with in-depth know-how in MOCVD-grown GaN material, LED, and display. We collaborate with top academic and research facilities worldwide to realize our unique technology.





Head office: 3810 Wilshire Blvd.

Suite 1411, Los Angeles,

CA 90010

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