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Q-Pixel announces the world’s smallest full-color pixel (1 micro-meter size) and achieves 10,000 PPI resolution microLED displays

November 29, 2023 (Los Angeles, California)—US startup Q-Pixel Inc. has announced a new breakthrough in engineering full-color, ultra-high resolution microLED (light emitting diode) displays. 

Q-Pixel has developed the world’s smallest full-color pixel and demonstrated it in the first ever 10,000 PPI, full-color microLED display (surpassing Q-Pixel’s previous world-record 5000 PPI full-color display, announced in May 2023). 10,000 PPI resolution has previously been exhibited only in monochromatic, single-color displays. However, for the first time, Q-Pixel has successfully achieved 10,000 PPI resolution in full color using their proprietary tunable polychromatic light emitting diode (TP-LED). Because it can emit the full range of visible light within a tiny pixel, TP-LED is the enabling technology that promises to drive microLED display technology to new limits. Using TP-LED, Q-Pixel now has the unique capability of fabricating extremely small, fully color tunable, single pixels with diameters as small as 1 micron. 

MicroLED technology offers several key benefits over existing OLED and LCD display technologies, notably, longer lifetime, superior brightness and energy efficiency. However, the complex, costly and labor-intensive process of assembling full color microLED displays using monochromatic red, green, and blue (RGB) LED subpixels remains a major barrier to both high resolution displays and commercially viable displays. Ultra-high-resolution, full color displays are especially sought after for near-eye applications, such as those used in AR/VR devices.  Q-Pixel’s latest achievement showcasing the world’s smallest full-color pixel and 10000 PPI full-color display are significant technological milestones that highlight the considerable advantages of TP-LED pixel technology over RGB microLED subpixels and promise to lead the way to future generations of exceptional displays.

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