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Q-Pixel joins Silicon Catalyst Semiconductor Incubator to Accelerate MicroLED Display Development

Los Angeles, CA & Silicon Valley, CA, November 15, 2023 - Q-Pixel, a microLED display innovator, has joined Silicon Catalyst, the world’s only incubator focused exclusively on accelerating early-stage semiconductor hardware companies, to accelerate Q-Pixel's development of their full-color displays manufactured with tunable polychromatic LEDs.

Q-Pixel has developed a single LED pixel that can be tuned across the full color spectrum rather than requiring three pixels (red, green, and blue) to achieve full color. This breakthrough enables Q-Pixel's displays to deliver higher resolution and more brightness with less power consumption and lower cost. Earlier this year, Q-Pixel demonstrated the highest microLED density in the world. Q-Pixel's technology promises to revolutionize the high-resolution display industry for screen sizes ranging from personal (smartphones and wearable devices) to large (greater than 100 inch).


The Silicon Catalyst ecosystem, which includes a comprehensive coalition of in-kind and strategic partners that dramatically reduce the cost of development along with a network of experienced advisors that coach and connect startup entrepreneurs, helps early-stage semiconductor hardware companies address the challenges of moving from idea to realization while simultaneously de-risking the companies for investors.

J.C. Chen, co-founder and CEO of Q-Pixel, commented, “Q-Pixel is delighted to join Silicon Catalyst as a Portfolio Company. We expect their extensive ecosystem will help us engage with customers and build a profitable business around our technology.” 

“I’m very pleased to welcome Q-Pixel into Silicon Catalyst," stated Nick Kepler, Silicon Catalyst COO, "We are impressed with the company’s vision and progress. Our comprehensive ecosystem of Advisors, Strategic and In-Kind Partners, and investors look forward to helping them on their journey to deliver innovative products to their target markets."

About Q-Pixel


Inventor of Polychromatic MicroLEDs and Fabless MicroLED Display Innovator

Q-Pixel consists of serial entrepreneurs with proven track records as well as a multidisciplinary technical team with in-depth know-how in MOCVD-grown GaN material, LED, and display. We collaborate with top academic and research facilities worldwide to realize our unique technology. Visit their website here


About Silicon Catalyst


“It’s about what’s next”


Silicon Catalyst is the world’s only incubator focused exclusively on accelerating semiconductor solutions, built on a comprehensive coalition of in-kind and strategic partners to dramatically reduce the cost and complexity of development. More than 1,000 startup companies worldwide have engaged with Silicon Catalyst and the company has admitted over 100 exciting companies. With a world-class network of mentors to advise startups, Silicon Catalyst is helping new semiconductor companies address the challenges in moving from idea to realization. The incubator + accelerator supplies startups with access to design tools, silicon devices, networking, and a path to funding, banking and marketing acumen to successfully launch and grow their companies’ novel technology solutions. Over the past nine years, the Silicon Catalyst model has proven to dramatically accelerate a startup’s trajectory while at the same time de-risking the equation for investors. Silicon Catalyst has been named the Semiconductor Review’s 2021 Top-10 Solutions Company award winner as well as the 2023 Top Photonics Solutions Provider. The Silicon Catalyst Angels was established in July 2019 as a separate organization to provide access to seed and Series A funding for Silicon Catalyst portfolio companies. SiliconCatalyst.UK. a subsidiary of Silicon Catalyst, was selected by the UK government to manage ChipStart UK, an early stage semiconductor incubator funded by the UK government.

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